About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is also often described as a place where “East meets West”.

Hong Kong is the only place in China where Common Law is practiced. Due to its colonial past, the legal profession in Hong Kong adopted the English model at a very early stage. After reunification on 1 July 1997, the Basic Law of Hong Kong implements the concept of “One Country Two System”. As a result, the legal system in Hong Kong remains largely unchanged and our legal profession continues to operate on the same basis as before.

The inclusion of Chinese customary law into the law of Hong Kong has provided a snapshot of the customs and practices of the people of Hong Kong before its time as a British colony. These customs and practices preserved in the law of Hong Kong are part of the cultural heritage of China,

There are very few places in the world where cultures merge and influences interact the way they do in Hong Kong. To know more about Hong Kong, you may click the below URL:

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